Redemption Deed Training Questions and Answers

What is a Redemption Deed?

A hybrid of both Tax Liens and Deeds. Redemption Deeds are Tax Deed that is sold with a Redemption Period attached to them. Redemption deeds have redemption periods that range from 2 months to 2 years. Redemption Deeds offer a penalty return instead of an interest rate return. In a state like Texas for example, if the deed redeems after 30 Days you will get a full 25% return on your money. In addition some ownership rights are extended to deed holders during the redemption period.



What are the 4 Ways I can buy Redemption Deeds?

  1. Live Auctions

  2. Online Auctions

  3. Over the Counter

  4. Secondary Market

What kind of properties should I target?


  • Single Family Homes

  • Condos

  • Mobile Homes/Land

  • Commercial Properties

  • Commercial Lots

  • Residential Lots

  • Raw Land

  • Vacation/Mountain

What kind of properties should I avoid?


  • Useless land

  • Irregular building lots

  • Land with no value

  • Property with Easements

  • Commercial land with environmental issues

  • IRS or other Governmental liens

  • Small strips of Land

What is the best way to avoid making a big mistake with Redemption Deeds?

Honestly its education. Redemption Deeds are a form of property Deed, so you need to research the property as if you intend to buy it. Because there is a good chance you will probably acquire it at the end of the redemption period. With Redemption Deeds you will need to understand the entire process to avoid making a mistake.