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Tax Deed Training Questions and Answers

What is a Tax Deed?

A Tax Deed is a form of property deed purchased from the county or state government. These properties must go through a tax deed foreclosure before being offered for sale. Most county governments offer the property for sale starting at the delinquent taxes and fees. The winning bidder will receive a tax deed or quit claim deed after the auction is over.  Tax deeds provide a unique opportunity to purchase real estate for 10%-50% of market value. 

What are the 4 Ways I can buy Tax Deeds?

  1. Live Auctions

  2. Online Auctions

  3. Over the Counter

  4. Secondary Market

What kind of properties should I target?


  • Single Family Homes

  • Condos

  • Mobile Homes/Land

  • Commercial Properties

  • Commercial Lots

  • Residential Lots

  • Raw Land

  • Vacation/Mountain

What kind of properties should I avoid?


  • Useless land

  • Irregular building lots

  • Land with no value

  • Property with Easements

  • Commercial land with environmental issues

  • IRS or other Governmental liens

  • Small strips of Land

What is the best way to avoid making a big mistake with Tax Deeds?

Honestly its education. Tax deeds is just a form of real estate investing, but in many ways more complex. But unlike most other forms of real estate you can buy property for fractions of its value. Once you understand the tax sale process, it can be the best way to buy real estate period.

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