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Tax Sale Support LLC (TSS) was founded by Stephen Swenson and Shade Ferre in 2016. Stephen and Shade are both cousins, and lifelong best friends. In 2007, Stephen and Shade partnered to create a new training program for Tax Sale investors. Shortly after, Stephen and Shade partnered with seminar companies, and allowing them to private label the materials and services.

Their Tax Sale Program was among the most successful in history, generating more than $20 million dollars in revenue in just a few years.

Brief History & Purpose

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They have spent the last 20 years dedicated to online based investing in tax liens and tax deed foreclosures.

Brief History & Purpose

The relationship between TSS and the seminar companies they worked with was a different story. Seminar companies saw tremendous value in the tax sale program, and subsequently overpriced the training. More problematic was seminar companies only allocating 5% of the package cost to go towards the actual training. Buyers were paying thousands of dollars for training, never knowing that the seminar companies had pocketed 95% of it.

Exacerbating the situation further, the seminar companies were also giving buyers unrealistic expectations. Customers were told what they wanted to hear in order to get the sale. Stephen and Shade were troubled by the lack of honesty and integrity they encountered with every company they worked with. They eventually discovered that several seminar companies had stolen their training materials. After learning about the theft of their materials, Stephen and Shade decided to leave the seminar industry altogether.

One of the benefits of leaving the seminar industry was the ability to cut out middleman. Stephen and Shade wanted to bring their training direct to the public. They wanted their training to be both affordable, and powerful enough to change lives financially. In bringing their training directly to the public, TSS was able to offer quality training for a fraction of the price.

It doesn't take long to realize that TSS isn't like other training providers or seminar companies. Much of this can be attributed to Stephen Swenson and Shade Ferre, and their beliefs about tax sale investing and personal integrity. They believe tax liens and tax deeds represent the single most lucrative, and secure investment available today.

Following a decade in business, and tens of thousands of students, TSS still has an "A Rating" with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). TSS has also always benefitted from a cancelation rate close to 0%, something unheard of among training providers. There are many things which set TSS apart from other providers. Perhaps the simplest explanation and best answer is that Stephen Swenson and Shade Ferre genuinely care about the success of each member.


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We attended our first Tax Auction in 1999 and spent the next 8 years learning everything we could. To read our full story check out our About Us page!

We released our Home Study Program in 2007 exclusively to Seminar Companies. But in 2015 brought our Membership Program Online at over 80% discount. Watch our Video on the About Us page to learn more about our journey.

Yes, we have been offering free eBooks, Webinars, and YouTube videos since 2007. Check out our Free Offers page to learn more about our Free Tax Sale Training.

Please Get Educated, if not from us then someone! It’s easy to lose money with Tax Sale Investing. We don’t want to see you make that mistake. We believe our Membership is the Best Value in Tax Sale Training. Click Here to see everything included with becoming a Member!

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