Tax Sale State Map & State Info

State laws determine how property taxes are issued and enforced.  There are 3 different enforcement systems identified in state laws.  Use the color key below to identify which system each state uses.


RED: Tax Deed State

GREEN: Tax Lien States

YELLOW: Redemption Deed States

BLUE: Use both Tax Liens and Tax Deeds

Tax Sale State Breakdown Chart

Listed below is a chart with all 50 States and the Tax Sale Type, Auction Dates, Interest rate returns and Redemption Periods.

STATE             TAX SALE TYPE              AUCTION DATES                     INTEREST     REDEMPTION

Alabama          Tax Liens                          Yearly in April-June                    12%               3 years

Alaska              Tax Deeds                        Varies                                         N/A                NA

Arizona             Tax Liens                         Yearly in February                      16%               3 years

Arkansas          Tax Deeds                        Yearly in May                              N/A               30-Day

California          Tax Deeds                        Monthly/Varies                            N/A               NA

Colorado           Tax Liens                         Yearly in Oct-Dec                        11%              3 years

Connecticut       Redemption Deeds         Varies                                          N/A               6  Months

Delaware           Redemption Deeds         Varies                                          N/A               6 Months

Florida               Tax Liens & Deeds          Liens: May Deeds: Monthly        18%               2 Years

Georgia             Redemption Deeds          Monthly                                       N/A               1 Year

Hawaii               Redemption Deeds          Yearly in June or Nov-Dec          12%              1 Year

Idaho                 Tax Deeds                        Yearly in May                              N/A                NA

Illinois                Tax Liens & Tax Deeds     Monthly                                      36%               2 or 3 years

Indiana              Tax Liens & Tax Deeds     August-October                         10%               1 year

Iowa                  Tax Liens                           Yearly in June                            24%               2 years

Kansas              Tax Deeds                         Varies                                        N/A                NA

Kentucky           Tax Liens                           Yearly in July-October              12%                1 Year

Louisiana           Redemption Deeds           May-June & Monthly                12%                3 Years

Maine                 Tax Deeds                         Varies                                       N/A                NA

Maryland            Tax Liens                           Varies; May-June                    18%                6 Months/2 Years

Massachusetts   Redemption Deeds            Varies                                     16%                6 Months

Michigan            Tax Deeds                          July to November                   N/A                  NA

Minnesota          Tax Deeds                          Varies                                     N/A                  NA

Mississippi         Tax Liens                           August or April                        18%                 2 Years

Missouri             Tax Liens                           Yearly in August                      10%                 1 Year

Montana             Tax Liens                          July                                          10%                 2 or 3 Years

Nebraska            Tax Liens                          Yearly in March                        14%                3 Years

Nevada               Tax Liens & Deeds           Yearly in April                           N/A                 NA

New Hampshire  Tax Deeds                        When needed                          N/A                 NA

New Jersey         Tax Liens                         Yearly                                      18%                 2 Years

New Mexico         Tax Deeds                       Varies                                      N/A                 NA

New York             Tax Liens & Deeds          Yearly/Varies                           20%                NA

North Carolina     Tax Deeds                       Varies                                      N/A                 NA

North Dakota       Tax Deeds                       Yearly in November                 N/A                 NA

Ohio                     Tax Liens & Deeds          Varies & Monthly                     18%               1 Year

Oklahoma            Tax Deeds                       Yearly in June                          N/A                 N/A

Oregon                 Tax Deeds                      October - November                N/A                 NA

Pennsylvania       Tax Deeds & Red            Varies                                      N/A                 NA

Rhode Island       Redemption Deeds          Varies                                     16%                1 Year

South Carolina     Tax Liens                         October-December                 12%               1 Year

South Dakota       Tax Liens                         December                               10%               3 or 4 Years

Tennessee            Redemption Deeds         Varies                                     12%                1 Year

Texas                    Redemption Deeds         Monthly                                  None               6 Months - 2 Years

Utah                      Tax Deeds                       Yearly in May                         N/A                 NA

Vermont                Tax Liens                         Varies                                    12%                1 Year

Virginia                  Tax Deeds                       Varies                                    N/A                 NA

Washington           Tax Deeds                       Yearly in Aug-Dec                 N/A                  NA

West Virginia         Tax Liens & Tax Deeds   Sept-Nov                               12%                 18 months

Wisconsin              Tax Deeds                       Varies                                    N/A                  NA

Wyoming               Tax Liens                         July-September                     15%                 4 Years

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