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Tax Lien Training Questions and Answers

What is a Tax Lien?

A claim against assets (Real Property) filed by a government taxing authority against the delinquent tax payer. Property Tax Liens are the enforcement method used by the government for the collection of property taxes. These tax liens can be offered to investors that pay the delinquent taxes and fees. Investors earn a yearly rate of return many times in the double digits. Plus the lien gives property owners a redemption period to repay the taxes. In addition to the return the investor has foreclosure rights, if the lien is not paid back within the redemption period the lien holder can foreclosure on it and become the property owner. Tax Liens are on the safest and most profitable investment methods available today.


What are the 4 Ways I can buy Tax Deeds?

  1. Live Auctions

  2. Online Auctions

  3. Over the Counter

  4. Secondary Market

What kind of properties should I target?


  • Single Family Homes

  • Condos

  • Mobile Homes/Land

  • Commercial Properties

  • Commercial Lots

  • Residential Lots

  • Raw Land

  • Vacation/Mountain

What kind of properties should I avoid?


  • Useless land

  • Irregular building lots

  • Land with no value

  • Property with Easements

  • Commercial land with environmental issues

  • IRS or other Governmental liens

  • Small strips of Land

What is the best way to avoid making a big mistake with Tax Liens?

Tax Lien Investing is usually less risky then tax deeds. But that does not mean education is not important. Knowing what to look for will help you from investing into a tax lien that is high risk. High risk and toxic tax liens can cost money and time. Avoid making a bad mistake by informing yourself on how to invest the right way.

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